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Talenom in brief

Talenom is an agile and forward-looking accounting firm established in 1972. Our business idea is to make day-to-day life easier for entrepreneurs with the most user-friendly electronic tools on the market and highly automated services. In addition to comprehensive accounting services, we support our customers’ business operations with a wide range of expert services as well as financing and payment and account services. Our vision is to offer unbeatable accounting and card payment and account services for SMEs.

Talenom’s growth history is strong – average annual net sales growth was approximately 16.6% between 2005 and 2022.

Talenom operates in Finland, Sweden, Spain and Italy. At the end of 2022, the company had 1,336 employees in 74 business locations.

Our services

Talenom offers entrepreneurs a wide range of accounting services, financial management software and digital services, as well as a various professional, advisory, financial, and card payment and account services. Own software development combined with expertise in the accounting industry gives Talenom a clear competitive advantage, which enables offering a superior customer experience to corporate customers, while automating Talenom’s own routines.

Accounting services add

Financial process outsourcing services include accounting, sales invoicing, invoice payment, payroll accounting, financial performance monitoring, and HR services. Financial performance monitoring produces monthly interim financial reporting to the customer in the Talenom Online service.

Care services include, e.g., appointed accountants for the customer and industry-specific expert teams, a customer service center, and status checks of the customer’s financial situation. Care services are an integral part of the service for certain customer groups.

We offer financial services through continuing customer contracts. Our customer relationships are long and the accumulation of invoicing is highly predictable. Services are sold as a monthly billed service entity, the pricing of which depends on the extent of the service package chosen by the customer. The customer has access to integrated systems tailored for their industry and to Talenom’s industry expertise.

Digital financial management services add

Talenom has its own software development aimed at improving and renewing customers’ financial management processes, promoting electronic financial management, and supporting Talenom's own processes. Talenom employs around 80 experts in digital services, software design and business processes.

Talenom Online is an electronic financial management center available to all Talenom's accounting customers, where the customer's day-to-day financial management operations are handled with ease. Talenom Online also provides value-added services, such as financing and credit information services, offered by Talenom's partners.

Talenom App is a mobile application provided to customers in connection with accounting services that allows the customer to capture and send material such as bank and credit card receipts to accounting. The customer can also process travel invoices in the Talenom App.

In Talenom Link, the customer's own systems are integrated with Talenom's financial management processes. This way a company that switches to using Talenom's accounting service can, for example, continue using its ERP system as usual, while Talenom Link handles automated data flow between the systems. The Talenom Link service includes nearly a thousand already completed interfaces.

Talenom Business Intelligence is the solution for managing extensive business intelligence and knowledge management. The information source is typically financial data already available to Talenom that is enriched with data available from other customer systems.

Advisory services add

Our advisory services include legal, taxation and financial consultancy. Our customers need advice, for example, when planning and implementing company structure changes, generational change, and ownership arrangements, in tax planning and corporate restructuring, when assessing financial management processes and internal accounting as well as in related development projects, in change management, and outsourced financial management services.

Financing services add

Talenom's Financing service provides customers with flexible sales invoice financing, installment financing and corporate loan.

TiliJaska service for small entrepreneurs add

As the most recent value-added service, Talenom launched the TiliJaska service in October 2020. The TiliJaska service is a dedicated service for small businesses, that includes a free accounting app, card payment and account services (IBAN accounts and cards) and accounting services that scale to the customer’s needs. A similar service (kontokalle.se) has also been introduced in Sweden.

Light Entrepreneur service add

The Talenom Light Entrepreneur service enables easy and inexpensive entrepreneurship to entrepreneurs who have sales but no business ID.

Financial and payment services add

With the TiliJaska service, Talenom's own payment account and payment card services are launched to all Talenom customers, and Talenom responds to customers' wishes to purchase their accounting and payment services from one place.

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