Corporate Governance

Insider issues

Insider issues

In insider matters, Talenom complies with the applicable legislation, the Guidelines for Insiders issued by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, as well as its own Guidelines for Insiders confirmed by the Board of Directors.

Talenom promptly discloses any inside information directly relating to Talenom in accordance with the company’s disclosure policy. However, if the company decides to delay the disclosure of inside information, a project-specific insider register is established for the information in question. Persons with access to inside information on Talenom are immediately entered in the Insider List.

Talenom complies with the closed window principle prior to the publication of results. During the closed window, persons discharging managerial responsibilities at Talenom (members of the Board of Directors, the CEO or their deputies and members of the Executive Board) and persons participating in the preparation of financial reports may not trade in the financial instruments issued by the company. The closed window begins 30 days before the publication of the company's interim report or financial statements bulletin and ends the day after the announcement of the results.

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