Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility


In line with the certificate, we shoulder our responsibility for the environment. Paperless operations is one of the objectives of Talenom’s environmental programme. In 2020, as much as 82.6 per cent of the receipts recorded by Talenom were processed entirely paperlessly. The figure for the previous year was 76.9.

The objectives of the environmental programme also include efficient property use and environmental friendliness. Employees started working mostly remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, and this had a significant effect on the electricity and water consumption of properties.

The pandemic also had an impact on business travel, which declined by half. Previously, we had already made use of teleconferencing whenever possible and appropriate – last year, most meetings were held remotely. Due to remote work, there was relatively little commuting between work and home.


Caring is one of Talenom’s most important values. To us, caring means that people – both our employees and customers – are at the heart of our operations. We know that when our employees are thriving, they also take good care of our customers. The coronavirus crisis challenged us to take even better care of our employees.

Talenom has been granted a Great Place to Work certificate – the company has been ranked as one of Finland’s best places to work for three years running. We want to ensure that we remain a great workplace even in these exceptional times. It’s a pleasure to work at Talenom, no matter what the circumstances.

We seek to provide especially good assistance to our customers who are struggling in this crisis. We compiled information and guidelines about different types of support, provided information regularly in customer letters and created a coronavirus information package for Talenom’s internet site. The need for customer advice grew. We catered to this demand and provided advice to our entrepreneur customers, mainly free of charge.

Customer satisfaction is a matter of the heart to Talenom. We measure satisfaction regularly. We hone our operations on the basis of feedback, as necessary. As we have largely automated our routine work, we have the opportunity to engage in unhurried interactions with our customers.

Talenom’s financial management professionals provide customers with expert service in financial management, knowledge of different sectors and ease of doing business.

We paid even more attention than usual to the wellbeing of our personnel. Due to the pandemic, our employees started working mainly at their home offices in the spring – and continued to do so until the end of the year. The transition to remote work went smoothly, as our day-to-day operations have been digital for a long time. As physical interactions decreased, we considered it particularly important to foster regular team meetings and discussions between employees and their supervisors.

We are also interested in the experts of the future. Our cooperation with students is close and important. We offer traineeships and Talenom is the first real workplace for many young people. We launched Talenom’s own training programmes in the autumn in spite of the pandemic. We had to tweak schedules, transfer teaching online and make recordings of some training sessions. Our goal was to ensure that training and trainee activities would continue.

Good governance: Preventing corruption, money laundering and bribery

Talenom Plc complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code issued by the Securities Market Association. The Corporate Governance Code is available on the site of the Securities Market Association at

In addition to the Corporate Governance Code, Talenom Plc complies in its decision-making and corporate governance with the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, securities market legislation, other legal provisions concerning listed companies, Talenom Plc’s Articles of Association, and the rules and guidelines issued by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

As Talenom is a provider of financial management services, themes related to preventing corruption, money laundering and bribery are important to the company. Talenom has policies against bribery and corruption, and has drafted a risk assessment of its operations as required by the Act on Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

Talenom has established procedures to detect any activities that might indicate money laundering and has provided guidelines and training for its employees for such eventualities. The company’s HR Guidelines include instructions on what to do when irregularities are detected. Under the Act on Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, Talenom is obligated to notify the Financial Intelligence Unit of any suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing.

Due to the nature of the services it provides, Talenom collects, stores, processes and distributes a large volume of sensitive information, such as confidential corporate and personal data on customers, employees and suppliers. The vast majority of this data is stored and transferred electronically in the company’s IT systems. Preventing abuse of such data is a key aspect of Talenom’s risk management.