Talenom as an investment

Business model

Business model

We are one of the largest accounting firms in Finland as well as among the largest providers of financial support services. We have focused on working as a partner for SMEs and light entrepreneurs, offering them more extensive services than mere statutory accounting.

Our services

  • Accounting services

  • Digital services for financial management

  • Advisory services

  • Financial services

  • TiliJaska service for small entrepreneurs

  • Light entrepreneur service

  • Card payment and account services

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High degree of automation in accounting services enables an extensive service offering

We are constantly developing an automated production line with our own software and utilise a high degree of robotic process automation in our solutions. Our strong software expertise has enabled a highly efficient and automated accounting process. This has improved customer satisfaction and retention. We believe we are well placed in the industry revolution, where the role of traditional accountants is changing, while consulting and value-added services are becoming more important.

The automation of routine accounting tasks has freed up our human resources to higher-skilled advisory services, which has improved our customer satisfaction and retention.

The benefits of automation in numbers 2017–2021

1 000 euros

Broad customer base and continuing contracts

We have thousands of customers who are quite evenly distributed across industries. Therefore, we are not dependent on the success of a single customer or a particular industry.

A broad, fragmented and permanent customer base is one of our clear strengths. It also provides continuity and transparency in our business. We offer financial services through continuing customer contracts. Our customer relationships are long and the accumulation of invoicing is highly predictable. An estimated 90% of our invoicing is recurring. Services are sold as a monthly billed service entity, the pricing of which depends on the extent of the service package chosen by the customer. The customer has access to integrated systems tailored for their industry and to Talenom’s industry expertise.

Our ability to acquire new customers is proof of the efficiency of our sales organisation. Our own strong sales organisation and new digital sales channels, combined with competitive products and services, are visible as steady growth in our net sales and customer satisfaction.

Competitive advantages

Our own software development combined with expertise in the accounting industry gives us a clear competitive advantage, which enables us to offer a superior customer experience to our corporate customers.

Our software development automates our routines, freeing up resources to deliver higher value-added services and to further improve the customer experience.