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Outlook and guidance

Outlook and guidance

Outlook and guidance for 2024

Talenom estimates that 2024 net sales will be about EUR 130–140 million, EBITDA EUR 34–40 million and operating profit EUR 14–17million.

Talenom expects the accounting services market to grow in all of the company's operating countries in 2024 and demand to remain stable. In addition, consolidation in the industry is expected to continue accelerated by, for instance, digital disruption and tightening legislation concerning digital financial management. Talenom’s goal is to continue strong growth and expansion in all of its operating countries and other European countries with significant potential to expand as a forerunner in the digitalisation of the accounting services industry.

In addition to organic growth, the guidance includes an assessment of possible acquisitions during 2024. The number of acquisitions is expected to decrease from the previous year’s level and to focus more on strategically significant acquisitions. Expanding into new market areas enables the company’s long-term growth. The software roll-out phase in Sweden will weigh on profitability in 2024, but the introduction of our own software will have a clear positive impact on profitability in the coming years.

Acquisitions will have a negative impact on relative profitability in the short term due to integration costs. The profitability of the acquisition targets increases when Talenom’s own systems have been fully implemented in the target. Talenom’s investments in automation, customer-friendly user interfaces and the small customer segment in recent years, as well as the internationally scalable software platform increase the depreciation level but the relative share to net sales is expected to decrease. Operational relative profitability improves measured by EBITDA and operating profit.